The history of outdoor furniture

- Dec 07, 2018-


After the Second World War, the world entered a period of relatively peaceful and stable high-speed development and prosperity. The concept of urban design and public environment design was significantly developed and upgraded. Urban architectural design, public environment design can best represent the development of human civilization, furniture development and evolution are closely related to the development of the built environment and science and technology, and more in line with social forms. As modern furniture, especially related to urban environmental public facilities. Modern urban public environment, furniture design, logo visual indication system design, garbage bin and guardrail design, lighting design, landscaping design, fountain, sculpture design, telephone booth, public transport bus shelter design, etc. engineering. The city's squares, parks, streets, and courtyards are increasingly becoming an open, extended outdoor living room for all citizens. The changes in the space of modern human urban architecture have given modern furniture a new space for development - public outdoor furniture design for urban architectural environment.

In fact, the history of outdoor furniture can be traced back to ancient times. Most of the early activities of human beings were carried out outdoors. The simple stone tables and stone benches in the primitive society were the earliest outdoor furniture, which was developed into the garden buildings of the late Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. The outdoor furniture in the pavilions, the garden furniture in the European royal gardens, and the forest furniture in the African primitive tribes are all early outdoor public furniture. The ever-changing human life form of human beings creates a new space in modern art design with the new use function and rich cultural aesthetic connotation to make people and the environment happy and harmonious.

area. Furniture is expanding from indoors, homes and commercial establishments to the streets, squares, gardens, avenues, and lakesides. The growth of people's leisure, travel, shopping and other life activities requires more comfort, relaxation, and stability. Beautiful public outdoor furniture.

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