The future of rattan outdoor furniture

- Feb 14, 2019-


In daily life, the outdoor furniture of the rattan can be seen everywhere. In the modern urban film and television drama, in the modern fashion commercials, in the background pictures of the fashion magazines, and in the periphery of the restaurant, the beautiful figure of the rattan outdoor furniture appears again and again in people's eyes. .

The vine outdoor furniture designer tells you that the high-quality rattan outdoor furniture products have the unusual advantages: the strongest artistic sense, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent material selection.

The rattan outdoor furniture designer believes that the rattan outdoor furniture must be one of the most easily designed furniture. Because most of its frames use aluminum alloy materials, the plasticity of aluminum alloy materials is unmatched by solid wood and other metal materials. It is not only easy to form, but also easy to operate and has excellent toughness. The frame can be made by selecting different PE rattan materials. Wrap, it can be seen that the rattan outdoor furniture is the strongest category of outdoor furniture category, as long as it can be imagined.

Excellent machining is another outstanding expression of the value of the outdoor furniture of the rattan. The good workmanship is mainly reflected in the details. For example, the edges of furniture, corners and other places that are difficult to operate, experienced masters will be very natural and smooth, and the general master will be difficult to handle the details. High-quality outdoor furniture rattan products are actually a beautiful craft.

In terms of material selection, outdoor furniture is more particular. The cost of materials varies, and the quality will vary greatly. It is difficult for people who do not understand it to find the difference. The rattan outdoor furniture material is divided into frame material and rattan material. The high-quality frame material not only has good toughness and is not easy to be oxidized, but also has high standard requirements for welding. Although the finished product is wrapped in rattan, it can not see its true face, but the reputation is good. The company will not cut corners and reduce the intrinsic quality of the products; once again, the quality of PE vines is divided into regenerated vines and native vines. The life of native vines is more than three times that of regenerated vines. How to distinguish between regeneration and native vines, this is a non-

It is often not easy to do things. It is the most direct way to look at the two touches. The color of the regenerated rattan is dim and the hand feels too soft. Due to the lack of toughness of the regenerated rattan during the preparation process, if the workmanship is too much force during the weaving process, the rattan will be stretched and deformed, so the products of this kind of rattan will be excessively loose.

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