The factors of affecting corner sectional patio furniture

- May 31, 2018-

The factors of affecting corner sectional patio furniture:

1, Good or bad PE rattan

2, the thickness of the aluminum tube

3, the amount of materials

4, labor costs and so on

The difference between PE rattan materials: 1. The PE rattan we commonly use is 20 yuan/KG. A good PE rattan, because it is firmly made, and the hardness and strength of the material itself are high, the flexibility is good, and it is resistant to fatigue and abrasion, so it will not be deformed in the outdoor two or three years and will not be deteriorated.  But poor PE rattan cheaper, 9 yuan / KG available on the market can be purchased, but the poor rattan in the preparation process is easy to loose, not firmly compiled, and on the outside easy to crack, deteriorate . 2.The thickness of the aluminum pipe we use is 1.0-1.2mm. There are some factories that use 0.8mm wall thickness for cost saving. However, the thickness of the aluminum pipe will determine the service life and stability of the product. We pay more attention to it. It is the quality of the product.3. How much material is used depends on the style. Some models only need 3KG, and some models may need 7KG. The price is reflected here.4. In the process of compiling, for some corner sectional patio furniture that take longer to complete, the labor costs are relatively higher. For some of the more difficult models, the unit price that we pay to workers will be relatively higher. 

In order to better reflect the comfort and beauty of PE rattan outdoor furniture, some corner sectional patio furniture such as cushions, backrests, pillows, and tempered glass were added. Seat cushion and backrest, we usually use polyester waterproof fabric + sponge (38 density). The pillow is made of polyester waterproof fabric + doll cotton. Steel glass is usually used on tables and coffee tables. The table is usually 8mm thick. The coffee table is usually made of 5mm thick tempered glass. Tempered glass can be sprayed into other colors. The specific situation depends on the customer's preference.