The difference between teak and golden silk pomelo

- Jul 18, 2018-

Among the outdoor furniture materials, teak and golden silk pomelo are both common, and those two wood are very similar in appearance. What is the difference?

Among the commonly used trade names in the Yunnan timber market are the names of black heart, black heart, and black heart. Because of its processing of finished products, it is called “Golden Silk Pomelo” in the timber market in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.

The most used wood for counterfeit teak is the black-skinned lotus, which is a tree species of the genus Magnolia in Southeast Asia. The furniture and flooring on the market called "Golden Pomelo" and "Golden Teak" are the kind of black heartwood that is not teak at all.

Although the black core and the teak are similar in appearance and density, there are still large differences between the two due to the different materials. Taking the plain board as an example, the following simple identification methods are available: firstly, to observe the smoothness of the surface of the floor, the surface of the teak floor is very smooth, the hand feel is very delicate, as if it is soaked by oil, and the black core rose is rough; The second is the smell, teak itself emits a sour taste, similar to the smell after the rice cooker, and the black core rose without this smell. From the water absorption, two drops of water are dropped on the fake teak floor, the water is quickly absorbed, and the drops are on the real teak floor without paint. The teak floor absorbs slowly and has almost no water absorption; the sawdust from the sawdust has a very good teak floor. Heavy oily, soft feeling when pinched by hand, and the sawdust of fake teak flooring is dry and loose.

If conditions permit, a small piece of dry ground plate can be used for burning. The smoke emitted by teak is thick and large, while the black core is less; or a small amount of water is sprinkled on the surface of the floor, and if the moisture is not absorbed, it is distributed in a bead shape. For teak, the black core lotus is absorbed; the floor can be observed after immersing in water for 24 hours. If there is distortion or expansion, it is black core lotus without any change. It is teak.