The characteristics of carbonized wood outdoor furniture

- Jul 17, 2018-


1. Pure natural, pure green, no pollution

The wood is in the process of being disposed of, (outdoor furniture) only touches with water vapor and hot air, does not add any chemical agents, and adheres to the natural essence of wood.

2. Purify the air

Carbonized wood looks like a good meaning. After the wood is dry and finished, it has some special functions of carbon. It can absorb impurities in the air and has the effect of filtering the air to improve everyone's breathing environment.

3. Superior environmental stability

In the process of high-temperature carbonization of wood, the hydrophilic factors inside the wood are reorganized, which reduces the hygroscopic balance point of wood. It is commonly called “wet line” and is not simply affected by the surrounding environment. It is known to be suitable for various wood products.

4. Strong anti-corrosion

In the process of carbonization, some of the fungi and all the insects inside the wood are killed in the high temperature air. Together with the wood at high temperatures, the internal nutrient distribution is disorganized and violently chemically changed and degraded. Or reorganization, (outdoor furniture) can cause surviving fungi to die by losing life-sustaining nutrients. That is to say, the wood will not be mildewed after carbonization.

5. The color of the wood is rich and the single color of the single tree is changed.

In the process of carbonization, the wood is heated evenly in the surface of the wood. Under the effect of high temperature, the wood has a physical color change. The wood color can be compared with some tropical and tropical valuable woods. .

6. Simple finishing and protection

The surface layer of carbonized wood is free of oily components such as resin and is simply painted. There is no drawback of appearance when lifting. So the device and protection are simple and simple

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