Ten characteristics of rattan outdoor furniture

- Jan 08, 2019-


1, environmental protection (more environmentally friendly than solid wood, because the solid wood is glued with glue), the rattan is handmade, without any industrial pollution;

2, is a leisure product (life is a goal pursued and longed for in a relaxed and leisure environment). Returning to nature is the tireless pursuit of modern urban people;

3, has an artistic sense, is highly ornamental, and can be used as a work of art;

4, warm in winter and cool in summer, more seasonal than leather, fabric furniture;

5, durable, properly maintained, generally have a service life of 20-30 years;

6, with upgrade, preservation, collection value, mainly reflected in: vine is a natural resource, natural plants, traditional handicrafts, long life;

7, the more the surface is used, the higher the use value (the leather and cloth sofa will be used more and more old, and the rattan furniture is a woody vine plant, the texture fiber is long, and the more sensitive and brighter the characteristics);

8, the traditional craftsmanship is beautiful and beautiful, and the rhyme is long-distance, which is a durable product, never out of date;

9, improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, reflect the quality of life of the owner, have the advantages of temperament;

10, the rattan outdoor furniture is more in line with the modern pursuit of low-carbon environment, green life, full of natural atmosphere, quiet, indifferent.

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