Take care knowledge of patio rattan furniture

- Nov 05, 2018-


1. Avoid high humidity and high temperature environment, avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time, avoid high-energy lamps, and illuminate with hot lamps. It should not be used in indoor places with corrosive gases.


2. Never jump on the patio rattan furniture, step on the outdoor rattan furniture, or collide the garden rattan furniture with heavy objects.


3. When the whole piece of patio rattan furniture is severely shaken, check whether all the connecting parts are loose, whether the screws are loose, and tighten with a screwdriver. If necrotic hardware appears, it should be replaced in time.

4, Pay attention to the acid, alkali and other chemical liquids directly contaminate the patio rattan furniture during use, so as not to cause chemical reaction and cause discoloration or can not be removed.


5. It is strictly forbidden to directly clean the rattan furniture with water, so as to avoid swelling and hardware rust after the plate absorbs water.

6. Do not place the object with high temperature directly on the rattan table. Use the pad to separate it to avoid accelerating the aging of the surface film after a long time. 

7, The patio rattan furniture from the heat source (such as heating, heating stoves, electric stoves, etc.) at least one meter, and avoid direct sunlight.


8. Avoid sharp objects hitting the surface of the rattan furniture and scratching the paint film.

9. When the door panel and drawer are found to emit strange noise during use, check whether the door hinge or road soft is worn, whether the positioning screw is loose, and use a screwdriver to adjust the tightening. 

I0. Avoid collision during handling, and the installed patio rattan furniture should not be pushed and pulled strongly to avoid deformation due to external force.


11. Before using the rattan furniture, it should be placed in a ventilated environment for 15-20 days to maintain indoor air circulation to eliminate the residual odor in the furniture surface coating.

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