Surface Treatment of Outdoor Furniture

- Jul 02, 2018-


With the development of coating technology, environmental protection has gradually become a hot topic in coating production and furniture surface treatment. Environmental furniture has also become a new trend in the furniture industry. In general, environmental protection furniture refers to furniture that does not release harmful gases and harmful substances, does not contain heavy metals, especially lead and chromium, and consumes little energy. For outdoor leisure furniture, it does not consume energy, so it is the most important first two items of environmental protection. And whether to release harmful substances is related to the material of the furniture and the surface spraying process; whether or not it contains heavy metals, which is of course related to the paint that is applied to the furniture surface treatment.

The material of furniture is nothing more than alloy, wood or plastic. Because of its poor resistance to environmental corrosion, the alloy must be surface-treated prior to testing. If it is an aluminum alloy, passivation and spray treatment are required; if it is a ferrous alloy, it is also necessary to remove oil or remove the oxide layer, and then spray it. In this process, because different companies use different methods, the metal surface may be contaminated with heavy metal chromium and lead. Chromium and lead are the most dangerous heavy metals that affect human health. In the export trade, these two items are often the reason for the recall of toys and furniture in China, because they can easily endanger children's health and safety.

Spraying of metal surfaces uses paint before the appearance of solid and waterborne paints, because the paint contains volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which causes great environmental pollution and causes great harm to workers and the surrounding environment during production. Therefore, after the appearance of a solid coating, ie a powder coating, the paint slowly became the second choice for spraying. The metal parts of many outdoor furniture are now sprayed with solid polyester resin coatings, that is, PE coatings. PE is synonymous with polyester resins.

Another type of paint is a water-based paint. Its solvent is water, so it is greener than paint. Because this kind of paint is generally used for the spraying of home appliances, it has little to do with outdoor furniture, so I don't have much to say here.

Many of the outdoor furniture's main structure is aluminum alloy, so it is inevitable that there will be environmental issues. Now many outdoor furniture sprays are sprayed with PE, so no organic matter is released. But not all manufacturers use the same process, so be careful when choosing.

The common metal outdoor home has aluminum alloy umbrellas, aluminum alloy folding tables and chairs, aluminum tables and chairs, and aluminum alloy lounge chairs. Many of the main structures of rattan tables and chairs are made of aluminum alloys; iron chairs are parks and so on.

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