Some Things to Consider When Customizing Outdoor Furniture

- Jul 02, 2018-


Outdoor furniture has also become popular custom. Chalet benches, bar tables, bar chairs, hammock swings, sofa tables, and outdoor furniture brands can be designed for exterior spaces and custom furniture according to size, orientation, and efficiency.

Of course, the customization of outdoor furniture is not limited to furniture manufacturing. Many furniture brands provide consumers with outdoor furniture through the consideration of issues such as space and proportion, orientation and efficiency. Style, size and texture recommendations.

In fact, materials, processes, and anti-corrosion treatments are problems that cannot be ignored. Outdoor furniture is usually selected from pine wood as the substrate, wood and surface of carbonized wood structure, good load-bearing, affordable, but easier to deformation cracking; and homogeneous carbonized wood after high temperature heat treatment, reducing the moisture absorption of wood, stability It is high in corrosion resistance and hard to deform and crack, but its load-bearing performance is weakened and the price is high.

Users choose suitable materials according to their own conditions. Outdoor furniture pursues natural and original ecology. Modeling is usually rough and primitive. Therefore, the production process of furniture shapes, arcs, and corners becomes the standard for its refinement. If outdoor furniture wants to have a "strong physique" and "stand up to the wind and rain," anti-corrosion and insect repellent treatment must be in place.

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