Small details of outdoor furniture purchase

- Mar 01, 2019-


Consumers should pay attention to whether they have done anti-corrosion treatment when purchasing wooden outdoor furniture or rattan outdoor furniture, and whether the surface is coated with clear paint. Outdoor furniture can be lacquered to enhance moisture resistance. Also, the choice of metal outdoor furniture should be aluminum or painted and waterproofed alloy material. Although the aluminum outdoor furniture has been treated with anti-rust treatment, it is most afraid of the external force hitting the outer paint, peeling off or cracking, and the water will seep and rust or mold.

Consumers tend to be more careful when choosing furniture, but the choice of outdoor furniture is a combination of thickness. First of all, if you put it outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that you will be exposed to the sun, so you should be prepared to have a certain deformation and fading. However, in the choice of connectors, you should be careful, it is related to the solidity of outdoor furniture. It must be firmly connected to the ground by means of ropes or buried. In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, it is generally spliced or metal parts. Generally, the metal parts are stronger than the joints. However, the splicing is not only firm, but there is room for movement between the parts. The stability of the structure.

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