Simple refurbishment and maintenance techniques for outdoor furniture

- Dec 22, 2018-


Although the outdoor furniture is sturdy and durable, the surface has been subjected to wind and rain for a long time. It is inevitable to scratch and become old. Today, I will share with you some simple refurbishment and maintenance techniques for outdoor furniture.

First, the milk scrubbing new method: wipe a table and chairs and other outdoor furniture with a cloth dipped in milk, not only can remove dirt, but also make outdoor furniture bright and new.

Second, the vinegar water scrubbing new method: add a small amount of vinegar with a half cup of water (1/4 of the water) with a soft cloth dipped in this solution to wipe the wooden outdoor furniture can make outdoor furniture reproduce the luster.

Third, herbal tea scrubbing new method: soak a large cup of strong tea, let it cool, then a soft cloth soaked, scrub wooden outdoor furniture two or three times, and then rub it with floor wax, can make the outdoor furniture paint surface restore Original gloss.

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