Selection of rattan sofa materials

- Jan 26, 2018-

Cane sofa is different from ordinary sofa in the use of materials, sophisticated materials, and in the production process is different from ordinary furniture that can be used on a large scale machines. So in the compilation of rattan sofa all pure artificial preparation. This is also different from the rattan used by the rattan as a good machine so the rattan furniture, such as rattan furniture, such as the seat back and so on are used machine preparation. So the same materials, the price of rattan sofa compared to the wicker chair is more expensive.

Cane sofa material selection more elegant. 100% Indonesian imports of natural selection of natural rattan - the natural agate vine, is a rattan in the best, which is characterized by cane slender, tough, not easy to break, the material is excellent. Rattan products using modern production technology, after UV irradiation, disinfection, steam heat treatment, the machine made of a certain length of vine raw material specifications, make it smooth and delicate, and has the characteristics of mildew moth and environmental protection, quality Guarantee, keep health in the end.