Rattan hanging chair experience leisure life attitude

- Nov 06, 2018-


The leisure hanging chair is an imitation of the warm embrace of life. At present, comfort and thoughtfulness have become a new development direction of furniture. The so-called outdoor leisure furniture is the echo of the humanized appeal of warmth and tenderness. When I was busy and went home for a day, the most comfortable thing was to put down my tired body and throw myself into my favorite hanging chair to relax. The extreme comfort shown by the leisure hanging chair is like the warm embrace of the parents. From the design and styling of many hanging chair, we can appreciate its center and center of gravity. It reflects the care of the products for people, and allows the products to actively adapt to people and not to adapt to products.

The design of the hanging basket comes from pillows, cushions, cushions, and mother's care. When the user sits down, the chair will adjust accordingly to achieve the best combination of people and chairs. The skeleton and the shell of the chair are made of all-aluminum alloy. The inside is a soft cotton heart. The outer surface is a cloth jacket, which is easy to remove and wash.

The backrest of the basket adopts a design suitable for the curve of the back of the human body and a curved shape leg. The beautiful shape and reasonable functional structure make it comfortable to lie on the cloud, just want to sleep sweetly. However, there is a slow rhythm that shakes our tired mind and body into a dream, and there is a sneak peek at this moment!

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