Rattan furniture that the strongest strength

- Jan 26, 2018-

The reason most people think it is the southerners advanced technology, produced by the fine arts. In fact, the most important reason is the company's management and the quality of workers. For the process, especially the furniture industry is the same thing between the North and the South. However, due to the unique delicate so southerners work above to be better than the northern manufacturers.

However, with the gradual refinement of the total requirements of the northern furniture manufacturers, especially high-end rattan furniture manufacturers, especially our Zibo Yunfeng rattan furniture gradually intensify the most fine furniture production requirements.

For example, in rattan chair rattan furniture production engineering paint all in the dust-free workshop to operate and the choice of rattan is also the same with the South's long and resolutely do not have intrauterine soil rattan. Native native rattan, all from Indonesia, uses as many southern workers as possible for workers' requirements and uses excellent local workers. Pre-job training and fine workmanship done from the source to check.