Rattan furniture overall match style harmony

- Dec 14, 2018-


Because the production of vines is mainly concentrated in Indonesia, Africa, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, and the rattan furniture is especially popular in Southeast Asian countries, the rattan furniture on the market will reflect some Southeast Asian styles more or less. . Then, what kind of home concept is conveyed by the Southeast Asian style?

Southeast Asian style home design, advocating nature, raw juice, original flavor, focus on craftsmanship, its furniture is known for its natural properties, such as Indonesian vines, water plants in the Malaysian rivers and Thai wood veneers. The color uses the shades of the original vines and logs, mostly dark colors such as brown, which gives a visually natural and rustic feeling. With the embellishment of the fabric, it will not be monotonous, but will make the atmosphere quite Active, in the choice of fabric color, Southeast Asia's iconic bright color series are mostly dark, and will change color under the light, calm and reveal a little extravagance.

Just like the innovative craftsmanship and style of the rattan furniture, the Southeast Asian style furniture is gradually blended with the modern concept of the West and the traditional culture of Asia. Through the combination of different materials and tones, it is richer in retaining its own characteristics. Colorful changes. But no matter what kind of change, its representative nature is casual, and the attitude of returning to life is completely continued.

In terms of styling, the traditional rattan furniture is inevitably simple and rent-free, and the advanced technology makes the modern rattan furniture look new, not only has smooth lines, but also can create furniture with different styles. At the same time, due to the use of pure natural materials, the hand-woven elements will be added to the rattan furniture, which will improve the quality of the furniture itself and ensure that the rattan furniture is pure, natural and refreshing. Rattan furniture is environmentally friendly and healthy.

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