Rattan furniture material analysis

- Feb 19, 2019-


As a member of outdoor furniture, the raw material of rattan furniture - rattan, is often called West Bank. It is an improved polymer material that is a substitute for natural rattan furniture. It is bright and beautiful, soft and comfortable, and durable. The vine material is resistant to destructive experiments from minus 30 degrees to 120 degrees above zero, making it ideal for outdoor wind and sun.

Xi Teng materials are mainly divided into PE vines and PVC vines, PE is polyethylene, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, and all are polymer polymers. Common outdoor rattan furniture products are outdoor furniture made of PE rattan.

PE vine is mainly composed of polyethylene and is a polymer organic compound. It is polymerized from ethylene and is classified into low molecular weight and high molecular weight. The low molecular weight is generally liquid, colorless, odorless and insoluble in water. It is solid, milky white, thermoplastic, and has a waxy feel. It is corrosion resistant and has good insulation properties. High-density polyethylene has the characteristics of rigidity, hardness and mechanical strength. It can be used as a container, a pipe, or a high-frequency electrical insulating material for radar and television. It is insoluble in water and has little water absorption. It has a small amount of water absorption, is not easy to be wet, and has insulation properties. It is a good heat storage material by mixing particulate polyethylene into cement and making it as a wall and floor. According to its other characteristics, this building material also has the function of preventing leakage, heat, moisture and corrosion.

PE environmental protection rattan is divided into round vine, flat vine, embossed vine, artificial vine, effect vine, dream vine, color changing vine elongated, foaming, fine drag, dense surface, moldy, shaving, color mixing, threading, etc. Suitable for use with indoor and outdoor furniture. The rattan strips are available in a variety of styles and colors, and are essential for replacing natural vines. Moreover, the product has the characteristics of being malleable, washable, not susceptible to mildew, no poison, UV protection and bad weather environment.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) vine has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, UV resistance, easy to clean and so on. Suitable for outdoor use, it has the function of rainproof and easy to scrub. After the PE (polyethylene) rattan is finished into a finished product, it is often used for the decoration of small items. It is easy to weather in the outdoor use for a period of time, and the rattan strip appears brittle fracture.

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