Rattan furniture is the primary choice of hotel furniture and high-end restaurant dining tables and chairs

- Sep 15, 2018-


First, breathable comfort, strong applicability.

The rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, with good air permeability, durable and light, easy to move, and affordable. You can also put a cushion or cushion for the rattan furniture, put it up in the summer, sit directly on the vine furniture, and put it in the winter. The mat is dirty and it is especially convenient to clean. Moreover, the rattan has a variety of colors and can be combined with various decoration styles. Therefore, more and more mid-to-high-end restaurants are now adopting rattan furniture.

Second, light and convenient, on the grade.

The general choice of hotel furniture is just a few, solid wood furniture, fabric furniture and rattan furniture. Solid wood furniture is cumbersome and inconvenient to move, and it feels hard and cold in winter, and it is not breathable. It is easy to feel tired when sitting up. If the seat cushion is placed on it, the solid wood cushion can easily slide to the ground. Furniture in public places moves back and forth every day. And cloth furniture, can not be upscale, is a problem. Restaurant chairs, used frequently, so it is easy to dirty, but every time you wash, you need to move the entire chair, and after cleaning more times, it will easily become old and affect the restaurant grade. Leather furniture is too expensive to be used in restaurants, and the maintenance of leather furniture is particularly troublesome. Leather furniture is not suitable for public use.

Third, the material is environmentally friendly and suitable for outdoor use.

Rattan furniture is undoubtedly the best choice. The Fuji family has two materials: real vine and rattan. The real vine is made up of rattan that grows in the mountains. The vines are imported from Indonesia. Many Chinese restaurants use real rattan furniture. Imitation vine is a plastic PV vine, color and texture like vine, but it belongs to PE material. Many outdoor restaurants, western restaurants and cafes use rattan furniture.

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