Rattan furniture is full of personality

- Mar 12, 2019-


personality. What is personality? Personality is the unique nature of oneself. As people's consumption concepts move toward individualization, personalized outdoor furniture approaches our lives without knowing it. When it comes to the most individuality among outdoor furniture, non-woven rattan furniture has its own advantages.

Rattan furniture, its material is personalized, with the awakening of people's environmental awareness, people need a kind of comfort and tranquility, returning to nature, leisure, health care has become the common pursuit of modern urban people. Therefore, the rattan furniture is highly praised by consumers for its own environmental protection and health characteristics. However, from the perspective of the entire furniture industry, the market share of the rattan furniture in the entire sales is not large. That is to say, the current use of wooden furniture is far more than that of rattan furniture. Therefore, the rattan furniture has the advantage of individualized development in its material, and the rattan itself has its own individual characteristics.

The rattan material has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer. Due to its natural characteristics, its vines have higher moisture absorption and heat absorption properties than other materials. Therefore, it is very suitable for sitting in the hot summer, lying on the rattan bed, rattan chair and rattan stool. It is cool and sweat-absorbent, and it is refreshing and refreshing. And there is still a warm feeling in winter. Due to its characteristics, the rattan furniture has the advantage of realizing the individuality of the product. The development of personalized furniture made of rattan has its development space.

Rattan furniture, its craft structure is personalized. Rattan furniture is basically a manual work. After the manufacturer buys the raw materials, it is necessary to bend the nail frame manually, and then weaving it by the craftsman, and then manually singeing, grinding, dyeing and painting, etc., and finally have to be manually transported, almost every process depends on labor. To complete, the machine can only be used as an auxiliary tool. The production of individualized furniture products, the variety of products, and the small number of production, the implementation of mechanized production is not a wise choice, will lead to high production costs, poor efficiency, and ultimately cause serious waste of resources. However, the rattan furniture implements the product individualized development, and does not cause a sharp increase in production cost in the manufacturing process, because it is a manual operation itself, and the main production processes are all done manually. As long as the workers are in the process of nailing and weaving, according to drawings or samples, they can be made into a variety of styles and shapes.

The rattan strip has good flexibility, can be molded, and is easy to realize curved members, which is more conducive to the structural realization of the personalized product. The rattan can be bent by steaming or roasting or grooving, and the cane skin or bone can be bent and woven into a variety of pattern patterns.

In the end, it is simple to say that the rattan furniture is fresh, natural and environmentally friendly, giving people the feeling of being in the nature, and having its own superior conditions for development. It is a modern society demand to develop rattan furniture and to develop towards individualized design and product personalization. 

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