Rattan furniture character is stable

- Dec 17, 2018-


Rattan, as a fast-growing material, is used in the manufacture of furniture to reflect the enhancement of people's environmental awareness and the desire to return to nature. With various rattan and green craft products entering thousands of households, it has become a new round of home. Stylishly decorated.

The vine is a dense, sturdy, lightweight and tough natural material that is not afraid of squeezing, supple and elastic. Tian Yuqi is produced in a humid place, so whether the rattan furniture can adapt slightly to the dry climate has become the most important concern of consumers. Furniture experts say that the current rattan furniture overcomes the shortcomings of natural materials that are susceptible to smashing and deformation. When making furniture, after the material has been finely processed, it is also subjected to ultraviolet radiation sterilization, steam high temperature treatment, and vine raw materials. It is made into uniform processing specifications, which makes the finished rattan furniture surface delicate, smooth, and has the characteristics of mildew proof, anti-mite and hygienic. Some of the more upscale rattan furniture has to be polished, varnished, and even painted to make the finished product look strong and durable.

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