Rattan Cognition

- May 30, 2018-

Rattan cognition:

Rattan furniture refers to a product similar to or in place of fhw real rattan furniture.

Imitation rattan furniture can also be divided into: plastic rattan furniture, seaweed rattan furniture, rattan furniture, sinlege rattan furniture and so on.

The common rattan furniture material is PE rattan and PVC rattan, PE is polyethylene, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, and both are polymer polymers. Common outdoor rattan furniture products are based on PE rattan furniture.91g58rDlUhL._SY355_.jpg

High-grade tough PE rattan, compared with the natural rattan, has a smooth and delicate surface, smooth, with high strength, good flexibility, durable, waterproof, sunscreen, anti-mildew, anti-mite, sanitary, easy to clean and so on.

PE Rattan of rattan furniture, artificial imitate natural rattan synthesis, rattan furniture with its unique flexibility, plasticity, coupled with the modern process of embellishment, the product made of soft and hard moderate, smooth and comfortable lines. Innovative style, fully consider the ergonomic comfort.

PE rattan: Rattan furniture can be cleaned with a brush, rag, or vacuum cleaner. It should prevent collisions and scratches on hard-edged objects. It can also prevent moisture, aging, insects, and infrared radiation. Therefore, you don't have to worry about maintenance.