Rattan chair rattan furniture, environmental friendliness

- Jan 26, 2018-

In the selection of rattan furniture is more carefully selected, in a large number of rattan in the choice of the appropriate thickness of the appearance of the beautiful texture of the swords in the rattan furniture with excellent flexibility in the preparation of rattan furniture, so in the production process all The use of excellent technicians for rattan furniture or rattan chair in the preparation of the rattan choice. In the rattan chair rattan furniture material choice does not use any chemical or chemical materials, using the most primitive physical and artificial methods of rattan furniture, rattan furniture, the choice of material fundamentally end the rattan furniture safety of raw materials Environmentally friendly issues.

Rattan chairs and other rattan furniture, painting is also the difference between the most fundamental aspects of the environment, such as the bottom of the rattan clumps Unexpectedly, and the upper paint are required to choose non-toxic environmental protection, and formaldehyde-free paint spray paint.