Quick Dry Cotton for Outdoor Patio Furniture

- Jul 19, 2018-


Q: Why use "quick-dry cotton" when using a water proof fabric as a cushion?

A: Usually after a period of time, even if the cushion cover made of "waterproof fabric" can not completely isolate the moisture, the moisture will accumulate in the ordinary sponge, and the sponge will become heavy and damp and smell bad.


Q: What is the difference between quick-drying cotton and closed-cell cotton?

A: In general, closed-cell sponges are very hard, rough, and not so comfortable. Although it is traditionally thought to be the opposite of the dryness of open-cell quick-drying cotton, it lacks air circulation, which causes moisture to be formed between cotton molecules.


Q: What if a waterproof cushion is used, such as PVC?

A: Even if you use PVC as a jacket, the moist moisture will still penetrate through the sewing thread. There may be some fascination that is not serious. It is hoped that the water will not get dry in the pad for a long time, but the situation is even worse.


Q: When opening the cushion cover, I found that the quick-drying cotton + fiber cotton pad is still wet. Why?

A: If the bottom surface of the mat is not drained with mesh cloth, the quick-drying cotton + fiber cotton mat inside will need to be taken occasionally, depending on the specific situation, and air-dried on the mesh surface. Quick-drying cotton will soon be dried, but if there is a layer of non-woven fabric, it will take a day to dry depending on the weather. Or ordinary sponges are impossible to do under the same conditions.


Q: Can fast-drying cotton meet the fire protection standards in California?

A: Yes, the fire-rated quick-drying cotton can be achieved.

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