Purchase tips of rattan furniture

- Jul 05, 2018-


Rattan furniture is elegant, beautiful, texture, simple and natural. Many people will put rattan furniture in the leisure places such as the terrace, leisure room or backyard and and so on. What should you pay attention to when choosing rattan furniture?

First, make clear the source of the rattan material. The materials used in rattan furniture are very particular. Most of the rattan materials come from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. These rattan are strong and have the same thickness.

Second, observe the material of rattan. The wicker from rattan furniture is exquisite, and the quality of the wicker determines the quality of the rattan furniture. It is recommended that you check the "color" view when you purchase the rattan furniture. The quality of the old rattan is strong and flexible. The appearance looks uniform at the beginning and the end. The thick rattan has uniform color and no black spots. It is full of no cracking, and has good pressure bearing, full elasticity and continuous branching. Wrinkles on the surface of rattan wood may be processed with young new rattan, which has low toughness and low strength, and is easy to break and corrode. Since the rattan furniture is basically hand-woven, it is necessary to carefully check whether the rattan is evenly weaved during the selection process, whether the rattan interface is densely connected, and whether the paint color is uniform or not.

Third, check the appearance of rattan furniture. When you purchase, look carefully at the surface color of the furniture to see if there are spots or insects on the surface. If there are more traces of spots and insects, be cautious when purchasing.

Fourth, look at the stability of the frame. Grasp the edge of the rattan furniture with both hands and shake it gently to feel the frame is stable. Check carefully whether the joints are securely connected. Alternatively, wipe the surface of the furniture with your palm and see if the surface is smooth. These all affect the comfort of the rattan furniture.

Fifth, it is best to sit up and experience it. Experience it yourself in a wicker chair or other furniture and feel if the comfort level meets your requirements and whether there will be a loud noise.

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