Private Custom furniture - a milestone in the furniture industry

- Mar 26, 2019-


The acceleration of the urbanization process, the transformation of various large-scale construction projects into landscape and function, public sightseeing places and major high-end residences with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main body, a large number of hotels, stadiums, office buildings, shopping malls, gardens Swimming pools, beaches, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, cafes, teahouses, high-end leisure and entertainment venues, private residences, leisure places for enterprises and institutions, etc. have a strong demand for outdoor furniture. Therefore, according to different places and venue size to customize the appropriate outdoor furniture, in order to achieve a high degree of uniformity of furniture and the environment.

With the advent of the era of personalized consumption, "customization" into the public's vision, has generally become a way of consumption, outdoor furniture is no exception.

Therefore, custom furniture will further penetrate the entire outdoor furniture industry.

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