Principles for purchasing outdoor furniture

- Feb 21, 2019-


1. Outdoor furniture is no longer exclusive to the villa area.

The combination of aluminum alloy and outdoor furniture has the advantage of being light and easy. The general frame is a mesh outdoor furniture made of a mesh surface and a cushion made of a tethered mesh, or a rattan outdoor furniture woven from a PE rattan rat. Because of its light weight, it can generally overlap and move. Convenient, so it doesn't take up too much space when placed in the living room.

Nowadays, there are more and more people living in the wrong floor and the leaping floor. It is no longer a new thing to have a floor-to-ceiling balcony or a garden with a courtyard at home. The living space has extended outwards, and people have the idea of creating a second private space for the outdoors. Outdoor furniture naturally has its place; outdoor furniture is no longer exclusive to the villa area.

2, outdoor furniture is light and simple

In recent years, there has been a new phenomenon in the market that rattan furniture has appeared more and more. Its style not only breaks the rectangular shape of the past, but also reflects various line trends, leaf features and, more importantly, its shape. More and more, it reflects the new feeling of comfort and harmony between people and nature.

In addition, outdoor furniture made of rattan, mesh and aluminum alloys is particularly popular this summer because of its light weight. These specially treated outdoor furniture meet the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-mite, rain-proof, etc., and are easy to move, and the shape is also very refined and elegant.

3, outdoor furniture selection and style

The choice of outdoor furniture products complements the surrounding environment; our engineering and design customers often design gardens or gardens for the villa's gardens and courtyards, and they will choose the outdoor furniture products that match the materials.

In addition to the performance of outdoor furniture, there are still some characteristics and skills in terms of material to coordinate with the overall style of the surrounding environment. In general, solid wood furniture is more suitable for the modern and simple style of outdoor environment, and the lines are mainly linear.


For those who prefer to decorate the environment in a rustic style, the outdoor furniture made of rattan can no longer be used, and the rattan material is more harmonious with the natural environment. Through the delicate lines and details to create a calm and natural living atmosphere, the nervous body and mind can be better relaxed, adding a romantic to the complicated life.

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