Outside furniture should pay attention to the impact of climate

- Jul 07, 2018-


There are many kinds of outside furniture, such as rattan furniture, wooden furniture, cast aluminum furniture, polywood furniture , etc. Although there are many kinds of outside furniture, the choice of outside furniture is closely related to the local climate, so you should pay attention to the local climate.

The climate conditions to be considered, such as whether it is raining frequently, whether it is very humid, how long the sun is shining, how long the temperature is all the year, and so on. If it is raining frequently, it is not good for rattan outside furniture, because wicker is easy moldy and affect the service life. If the sun is very strong and the place is dry all year round, the outside furniture that wood will easily burst due to drying and exposure; if it is aluminum furniture, the temperature will rise due to the sun's roasting, not comfortable when sit up.

In general, no matter which kind of outside furniture, some bad weather conditions should be blocked, or moved to a sheltered place to avoid a period of time, but the best way still your outside furniture is supported with a parasol, so you don't have to worry about the impact of rain and sun exposure.

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