Outdoor umbrella style introduction

- Nov 09, 2018-


Outdoor umbrellas are suitable for all occasions, from street to garden, from grass to beach, with outdoor umbrellas everywhere. Different outdoor umbrellas give different visions and imaginations. What are the styles of outdoor umbrellas?

Outdoor umbrellas can be divided into three categories: center pillar umbrellas, single-sided umbrellas, and banana umbrellas.

1, the middle column single-layer umbrella: umbrella cloth is generally 280g1m2 polyester cloth (polyester cloth has good waterproof and UV protection), the rib is hardwood or aluminum alloy, the base material is composite material.

2, unilateral quadrilateral parasol: four umbrellas, umbrella cloth is 280g/m2 polyester cloth (with good waterproof and anti-UV function) ribs are aluminum alloy, the base is generally marble, the weight is about 40kg

3, the middle column double-layer umbrella: some double-layer umbrella and the single-layer umbrella are of the same material, but only one layer is added above the top of the umbrella, which is beautiful, ventilated and breathable.

4, single-sided circular umbrella: This umbrella material is the same as the four-sided umbrella, except that the eight sides of the umbrella surface are circular in shape.

5,. Banana umbrella: Umbrella cloth is 8 ampere cloth, ribs are iron frame, base is cross, or marble. Because it is viewed outside in the air, it is called a banana umbrella.

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