Outdoor sun umbrella color choice

- Dec 04, 2018-


The outdoor sun umbrella is composed of a handle, an rib, and a canopy. But when it comes to parasols, the most troublesome thing is the fading of the umbrella and umbrella surface of the outdoor parasol. The supporting force of the ribs determines the overall life of the outdoor umbrellas, while the fading problem of the umbrella fabrics is not related to the performance of the use, but the faded umbrella surface affects the appearance, and the outdoor umbrellas often terminate their use time in advance. . Because of a faded outdoor umbrella, it often destroys the overall beauty.

The outdoor sun umbrella is placed outdoors, so this problem has also been considered in the manufacture of the umbrella cloth, and the umbrella is arranged in a harsh environment for special treatment. However, it is normal to be exposed to the sun, rain and fading all year round. But the fading is too serious to affect fashion and beauty. From the point of view of the pigment, dark fabrics such as red, purple, and green are easily faded, and the result of the color difference meter test is that the color difference of gray and grayish fabrics is the smallest. The above statement has a premise that the quality of the pigment and the color fastness of the fabric are the same. Some pigments have very good weatherability, and the process of weaving and dyeing is also advanced. The problem of fading should be another matter.

Good outdoor sun umbrella cloth is not the same as ordinary umbrella cloth in terms of pigments and printing and dyeing process, but the price is not in the same grade. Therefore, the current outdoor umbrellas on the market are basically ordinary umbrella cloths because of the price problem. Many people would rather use a new umbrella cloth after a few years and are not willing to use high quality umbrella cloth.

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