Outdoor lounge chair in leisure furniture

- Dec 27, 2018-


Leisure furniture not only adds a touch of anger to the reinforced concrete city, but also provides a place for leisure, such as parks, communities, large playgrounds, shopping plazas and other outdoor leisure chairs.

There are a variety of outdoor lounge chairs, so what are the categories of lounge chairs in casual furniture?

Outdoor leisure chairs are classified by material: wooden chairs and plastic wood chairs; outdoor leisure chairs can be roughly divided into: armchairs, rocking chairs, rattan chairs, recliners, folding chairs and swivel chairs.

Armchair: The so-called armchair is a backrest with armrests, and its style and decoration are simple and complicated;

Rocking chair: a chair that can swing back and forth;

Wicker chair: As the name suggests, it is a variety of chairs made of bamboo made of various chair frame rattan skin entanglement frame. The rattan chair is breathable and flexible, and is the best choice for the chair;

Lounge chairs; as people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the classification of living utensils is getting finer and finer, and some new varieties like reclining chairs are produced accordingly;

Folding chair: It has a long history and folding chairs have always been considered one of the most important furniture. Folding chairs in ancient civilizations are not only for people to sit in, but also used in various formal occasions and ceremonies;

Swivel chair: The upper part is not much different from the style of the general chair. Only the seat part is provided under the seat surface, and the human body can rotate freely when sitting.

Nowadays, the leisure chair in the leisure furniture has become a beautiful landscape of the city, which brings convenience to the people and promotes the harmony of the environment.

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