Outdoor leisure chair design requirements

- Dec 05, 2018-


With the development of society, people's lifestyles, ways of thinking, and ways of communication are constantly changing. While eager for modern material civilization, people are also eager for the nourishment of spiritual civilization. The humanized design of urban furniture not only brings convenience to people, but also satisfies people's social respect needs, and makes people feel subconsciously in use. To a comfortable and leisurely, and transform from the pleasure of life to the eternal pursuit of beauty. Therefore, there are corresponding requirements in the design of outdoor leisure chairs. User-friendly design places high demands on designers.

First of all, the designer is required to have the spirit of humanistic care and be able to consciously pay attention to the factors that were ignored in the previous design process. Pay attention to the needs of the socially disadvantaged groups and pay attention to the needs of the disabled.

Secondly, the designer is required to master the theoretical knowledge such as ergonomics and can apply it to practice to reflect the science and rationality of the facility function. For example, if the opening of the garbage bin is too high and too low, it is not convenient for people to throw waste. If it is too large, it will expose the dirt. It is neither elegant nor easy to produce mosquitoes and flies. At the same time, it is necessary to consider rain prevention measures and easy cleaning of cleaning workers. .

Thirdly, the design aims to meet the aesthetic needs of people by mobilizing aesthetic factors such as modeling, color, materials, crafts, decoration, and patterns.

Outdoor seating is an important part of the urban landscape. Its role is in addition to its own functions, but also its decorative and imagery. The creative and visual image of outdoor seating directly affects the planning quality of the city's overall space. Although these facilities are not large, they are closely related to the public's life, and are inseparable from the urban landscape and faithfully reflect the economics of a city. Development level and cultural level.

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