Outdoor furniture with diversified materials

- Dec 03, 2018-


The designers of outdoor furniture have injected considerable energy into the selection and matching of materials, and are committed to using the dexterous techniques to obtain the perfect texture from the special texture of all furniture materials such as wood, rattan, textile, metal and synthetic materials. Combined with performance, it gives a very natural and comfortable sense of sight and touch. The independent use of any material or the mix and match of any two materials will show different styles. The retro wrought iron bracket holds up the solid wood strips with the knots. This kind of outdoor furniture will make people feel harmonious and natural, with a nostalgic country style; the rattan furniture is mainly made up of rattan lounge chairs. The shape can be combined with the different styles of Chinese and Western furniture to show different rattan style.

Among the outdoor furniture made of rattan, some are natural and comfortable rattan materials with colorful cushions. The embellishment of the fabric makes the rattan furniture fresh and lively. Some of the rattan materials are equipped with wrought iron, showing the independence of softness and softness. There is a taste; there is a seat woven from pure rattan products. Some of these styles are designed as separate seats, while others are designed as traditional rocking chairs. The height of the rattan seat also breaks the traditional scale. With a variety of choices, the round rattan chair, which is almost flush with the ground, is particularly amiable under the cushions. It is reminiscent of the fact that it can be crossed on this square inch lounge chair. Sitting and enjoying life; the combination of alloy and polymer materials is the combination of the most modern and fashionable style. This new material is mainly characterized by light weight, portability, easy disassembly and easy to move, and is highly recommended. Janeism, due to the special properties of the material, in the design process, the designers will constantly correct the lines and angles to coordinate with the human body to achieve the best results.

The choice of materials for the interior frame of outdoor furniture is also very important. The use of lightweight alloy materials for easy outdoor movement is the primary factor; if outdoor furniture uses a metal frame, it is best to form it once, and reduce the solder joints to maintain stability and reduce Natural conditions affect it and deform. Diversified materials match the diverse senses of the people, regardless of affinity, cold, cutting edge, retro sensibility, rationality, will show their unique charm in the outdoor space full of infinite vitality.

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