Outdoor Furniture Returns to Natural Original Ecology

- Jul 19, 2018-


In the moment, what kind of nature can be regarded as the natural original ecology? Is it natural, virgin forest, and without artificial ingredients? In fact, the original nature of nature is not the wood with bark, the natural stone, the free-growing grass, but the subtle decoration and the original atmosphere, the real life is the real original.

If there are too many artificial ingredients, if you are eager for a natural and pure life, it seems unlikely that a large area of green plants will be cultivated, but it is a good choice to have your own terrace or outdoor garden. A cluster of vines wrapped around the old vines, beautiful and delicate flowing water, a leisurely rocking chair, plus a combination of different plants, casual and natural, quiet. Entering such an environment, people's moods are relaxed a lot. There is a feeling of picking up the mountains under the daisy and seeing Nanshan leisurely. The outdoor space is released in the reinforced concrete of the urban structure, effectively reducing the tension of the fast pace, allowing the body and mind to breathe naturally.

Outdoor furniture is a new fashion in the current home life, it reflects the relaxed lifestyle.


Outdoor material one: anti-corrosion wood

Anti-corrosion wood is anti-corrosion treatment, it has anti-corrosion, anti-termite and other functions of wood, moisture content of less than 20% of the anti-corrosion wood is better, the sapwood is wood-colored anti-corrosion wood is poor, generally good anti-corrosion wood life In 15 years or so. In the outdoor or open-air area, wood preservatives are a must. The garden pieces made by them are widely used in courtyards and gardens with natural, simple, ecological, healthy and high-quality characteristics.

Outdoor material 2: wood plastic

Wood-plastic is mostly used in outdoor flooring, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-slip and durable. Wood-plastic is made of wood chips and plastics. It has strong plasticity, natural wood texture and wooden texture, and can be customized according to customers' needs. , no expansion and no deformation, easy installation and convenient construction.

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