Outdoor furniture purchase depends on the material

- Nov 19, 2018-


The outdoor furniture that is usually seen is mainly a pergola, tables and chairs, and the materials are also inseparable from cast iron, steel pipes, wood, and rattan. In terms of the degree of solidity, the iron is the best, the solid wood is the second, and the rattan is the worst. However, from the convenience of moving and handling, the order is reversed, and the rattan is easy to move back indoors due to its light weight, which greatly prolongs its service life. So the final choice of what material furniture, or to see their own situation.

It is best to use wood with high oil content for wood outdoor furniture. Most woods generally use fir and pine, teak, etc.: Although the furniture has the natural beauty and structural beauty of the garden, it must be crafted.

The choice of metal outdoor furniture should be aluminum or painted and waterproofed alloy; if you choose bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture, it is best to consider the specific use.

Foldable outdoor furniture is more flexible and does not take up space. Foldable outdoor furniture, whether wood or wrought, allows the furniture to be easily folded by means of connectors, which allows the furniture to be easily stored in climatic conditions. If you want to travel, you can easily take it away. .

In addition, rattan, plastic, aluminum alloy, and inflatable outdoor furniture are light in quality and meet the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-mite, rain-proof, etc., and are easy to move and very delicate in appearance.

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