Outdoor furniture needs attention to heatstroke at summer

- Nov 19, 2018-


Wooden outdoor furniture. Strong direct sunlight, excessive temperature changes, and excessively dry and humid environments can cause damage to wooden outdoor furniture, causing cracking and swelling. It is recommended to adjust the placement of outdoor furniture to avoid direct sunlight, at noon in the strongest sunlight. In addition, the application of a layer of wax on the drawer, the sliding door edge and the bottom slide can prevent the opening and closing caused by the expansion. Put some hygienic balls in a relatively humid place, which can play a role in preventing predators from biting.

Straight-skin outdoor furniture, straight leather furniture, such as prolonged exposure, will lose luster and deform. In summer, people are prone to sweating, and the pores absorb sweat and easily produce odor. Therefore, in the summer, you should use a rag to wipe and use professional cleaning and care products to maintain; do not put the sofa in direct sunlight.

Fabric outdoor sofas, sun exposure, temperature changes and pet destruction, etc. will cause the original thousands of comfortable fabric furniture to fade and breed a lot of bacteria. Zhang Pufeng said that it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove dust from the sofa. It is best to put a waterproof sofa cushion and wash it frequently.

Rattan outdoor furniture, placed in the hot, dry place, rattan furniture, easy to crack. The wet, sultry weather also easily causes mold to grow between the gaps of the rattan. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the pre-vine furniture from being straightened by the sun.

Shoot to prevent the pre-vine material from fading and changing into thousands: don't get too close to the heat source to avoid deformation, bending and cracking: pay attention to the indoor air and wipe the rattan furniture with a damp cloth as scheduled: but you can't over- tide to prevent partial contact with the ground. To the water. In addition, rattan furniture will become dirty after a period of application, need to be cleaned in time, can be wiped with light salt water, both decontamination and flexibility, as well as insect-proof effect

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