Outdoor furniture maintenance is similar

- Jul 18, 2018-


Outdoor furniture is designed for outdoor use. Consider the effects of changes in temperature and humidity, the material needs to be resistant to natural weather conditions, abrasion resistance and UV resistance, rain corrosion and other characteristics. After using the outdoor furniture for a period of time, professional maintenance is required.

First, the outdoor furniture is made of rattan, fabric, yacht skin, plastic wood, aluminum alloy spray, stainless steel, tempered glass, stone countertops, HPL plates, Teslin mesh, etc. Their hardness and composition are different, but they are similar in maintenance. Under normal circumstances, it only needs to be scrubbed with water, and it can be dried naturally. If necessary, it can be cleaned with a weak alkaline (basic pH value less than 8) cleaning agent. However, when using detergent, the cleaning agent must be cleaned to avoid Chemical changes occur in direct sunlight; soft brushes, rags or vacuum cleaners can be used as an auxiliary tool for cleaning. Second, daily use should avoid strong collision or scratches by hard objects such as the tip of the knife. If it is exposed to strong light for a long time, place it in a place other than direct sunlight or use a furniture cover.

In addition, different materials of outdoor furniture are also different, the rattan or plastic table and chairs should avoid placing glass, ceramics, shells and other focused materials on them, these materials will form a high temperature melting; fabric, Teslin mesh Seat cushions and pillows should not be placed outdoors for a long time. They can be placed in furniture boxes or indoors when not in use. Soft furniture should be protected by furniture cover when not in use. The material of rowing leather should not be ironed or dried after cleaning.

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