Outdoor furniture landscape design should be combined with local principles

- Dec 12, 2018-


There are many issues to consider when designing outdoor furniture landscapes in many countries and cities. For a professional principle designer, you need to pay attention to local principles, combining natural and urban development.

First of all, we should respect traditional culture and local knowledge and learn from the experience of local people. Outdoor furniture landscape design should be rooted in the place where it is located. Because local people rely on their living environment to obtain daily life and material information and spiritual sustenance, their understanding and understanding of the environment is an organic derivative and accumulation of the experience of the place, so the design should consider the enlightenment given by the local people and their cultural traditions.

Second, the natural conditions of the base site should be followed. The ecological elements outside the site have a direct impact on the base site, so the design cannot be limited to the red line of the base site; in addition, any landscape ecosystem has specific material structure and ecological characteristics, showing spatial heterogeneity. According to the characteristics of the base site, the specific treatment should be carried out: taking into account the characteristics of the ecological elements such as climate, hydrology, topography, vegetation and wild animals at the base site, and avoiding the greater impact on them, thus maintaining the healthy operation of the site.

Third, we should make appropriate use of the original landscape according to local conditions. It is necessary to avoid simply pursuing grandeur and heroic spirit, and to adapt the original landscape elements to local conditions. The use of local plants and building materials is an important aspect of the ecological design of outdoor furniture landscapes. Landscape ecology emphasizes the rational distribution of ecological patches, while the natural distribution of plaques has a disorderly beauty. As long as we can respect it in the design and properly transform it, we can create outdoor furniture full of ecological beauty. landscape.

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