Outdoor furniture dotted garden

- Jan 16, 2019-


The courtyard is the transition from indoors to outdoor environment. In terms of style, it needs to echo with the interior and should not exist independently. Because it is part of the home, it also needs to emphasize the combination of life, personalization and artistry.

In order to meet the needs of different owners, we must pay special attention to the following three points:

1. Ornamental: The courtyard is mainly used for the relaxation of the owner and the gathering and chatting with friends. The creation of natural beauty is of course indispensable. In order to add interest to the place, plants and waterscapes (if the area is large enough) are important means. .

2, practicality: the courtyard is part of the home life, so can not be confused with the garden landscape, in order to be more life, we must pay special attention to the choice of furniture, comfortable, practical, convenient features are indispensable. People are increasingly advocating the leisure life of the countryside, so outdoor furniture will become more and more popular, and more and more outdoor furniture will be designed and produced.

3. Intimacy: Although it is outdoors, it must be part of the host family. The safe and intimate design is very important to the owner, such as the position of the furniture in the courtyard.

Modern furniture PK traditional furniture: the outdoor environment is extremely demanding on furniture, the damage of sunshine ultraviolet rays and the acid-base soaking of rainwater have put a severe test on the material itself. Many people are accustomed to the choice of outdoor furniture made of vine, wood, wrought iron, resin, etc., but these traditional materials can not break through this technical bottleneck, people are eager for a new material to solve the natural destructive power, which is more convenient to use. Therefore, outdoor furniture materials came into being. This kind of material is very easy to clean and even does not need to use any cleaning agent that is polluted by the environment. It has a long service life and endurance. No natural harmful substances are generated whether it is naturally decomposed or burned: I believe that we will pay attention to environmental protection. Love the health of choice! In addition, the internal frame selection of outdoor furniture is also very important. The light alloy material, once formed and with as few solder joints as possible, not only facilitates the movement arrangement, but also reduces the deformation caused by external conditions.

Challenge the design limit: In addition to meeting the basic functions of use, the design of outdoor furniture is also breaking through the self and time again, paying more attention to bringing visual experience and life fun to consumers. Outdoor furniture uses many innovative designs and craftsmanship to more succinctly assign modern design, sensory experience and fun elements to the product. Moreover, the future design trend will highlight the concept of outdoor life, and the personalized experience advocates the concept, mode and way of life of sunshine, health and fashion.

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