Outdoor furniture design is more practical and versatile

- Mar 27, 2019-


Wang Yongqiang, dean of the Shenzhen Institute of Architectural Design and Research, said that “I should consider the storage and cost of the products when choosing outdoor products. Enterprises should not design from the aesthetic point of view when designing, but should consider The use of the customer needs to be designed from the perspective of the function and practicality of the product."

Extending from practicality, people are increasingly hoping for the versatility of outdoor furniture, which will become a popular trend in outdoor furniture, and this demand is increasing at a faster rate because the multifunctional furniture can be better. Use space to meet the needs of the public. In particular, China, due to the particularity of its living environment, the relatively small building space and large population, is different from the characteristics of foreign homes. Therefore, the Chinese market prefers the practicality of the product compared to aesthetics.

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