Outdoor furniture construction spring full garden

- Dec 14, 2018-


The spring outdoor scenery is delicate and charming, as innocent as a little girl, and it makes people feel pity and wants to embrace it. The most romantic thing is to look at a splendid peach blossom, sitting on a deep rattan sofa, and the warm sunshine shines on the rattan aluminum coffee table in front of it, with a touch of fragrant tea.

There are many kinds of outdoor homes, and the rattan sofa is a kind of outdoor furniture. However, how to use the space according to personal hobbies, use the materials reasonably, and decorate the empty courtyard furniture outside the leisure furniture is also a kind of learning. You need to know the basics of basic outdoor furniture. You need to know the combination of color and materials. You should even consider the relationship between your mood and the environment. You can even decorate it with the theory of Feng Shui. Don't think Feng Shui is superstitious. From the perspective of splitting into two, learn with a critically absorbed attitude. Of course, as long as you like, you can make the most of your creativity.

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