Outdoor furniture also needs youthful resident

- Jun 28, 2018-

Source: Spring City Evening News Author: Wang Dongyue


In the afternoon, the sun is bright and you can sit in the wicker chair on the terrace to make a cup of tea or relax in the garden and enjoy the natural life of fresh flowers and plants. However, with the prolonged wind and sunshine, the maintenance of outdoor furniture can not be ignored. If you want your own outdoor furniture to be durable, it is especially important to have proper methods of use and maintenance. In this issue, the reporter will sort out professional methods of use and maintenance according to the characteristics of different products, so that your outdoor furniture is “youthful”.

Awning, sun umbrella - afraid of bumping

Shade products are mostly supported by iron pipes and aluminum pipes. During the installation process, care must be taken to ensure that the shading is avoided or local damage is caused by excessive force. At the same time, although awnings and sun umbrellas are designed for outdoor shade and leisure use, they are not really used for sheltering against wind and rain. Therefore, they should be avoided in windy and heavy rain. If there is water accumulation in the top cloth, it should be promptly removed to avoid damage to the umbrella frame due to long-term stress.

Plastic tables and chairs - afraid of exposure

Use plastic outdoor leisure tables and chairs, should be placed on a stable ground or grass, so as not to shake the tilt. Plastic table and chair cleaning is very simple, just wipe with ordinary detergent, then rinse with water. However, plastic tables and chairs must avoid exposure, otherwise there will be problems such as fading and breakage.

Rattan furniture - afraid of deformation

Rattan tables and chairs or lounge chairs are light and easy to move, so clear water and detergents can be used when cleaning such tables and chairs. Dust from rattan furniture can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a rag. In the usual use of rattan furniture, we must pay attention to the rattan's interface, try not to expose the rattan's braid, otherwise it is easy to bend and deform.

Imitation rattan furniture - afraid of scratching

In outdoor furniture made of imitation rattan, the materials used are all synthetic polyester resins. High temperatures can cause the rattan to become soft, which can cause rattan furniture to become distorted and unusable. Therefore, in the use of rattan furniture, we must avoid the sun exposure, but also to avoid the impact of hard objects affect the appearance.

Wooden furniture - afraid of the rain

Wooden furniture used outdoors has undergone special anti-corrosion, rain protection and sun protection. In the process of use, it is required to maintain the corresponding temperature and humidity, but also to avoid direct sunlight and rain, so as not to cause discoloration or cracking deformation of the furniture surface, if not used for a long time, it is best covered with plastic sheeting. The paint coating on the surface of wooden tables and chairs can protect the surface of the furniture, so the paint on the surface of wooden outdoor furniture should be regularly cleaned. If you need to maintain the renovation, you can use special outdoor wooden furniture protection oil, according to the specified method to scrub smear, it is recommended to maintain every 3-6 months.

Cast iron tables and chairs - afraid of corrosion

When using cast iron tables and chairs to avoid bumps, this type of furniture cannot be placed where there is too much hard material, nor can it be frequently changed and shaken. It is best to use cotton rags when wiping this type of product. This is soft and free of residue. In particular, it should be noted that because acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect on iron, iron tables and chairs must stay away from acid and alkali, and do not use soapy water, vinegar and other things to clean.

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