Outdoor aluminum polywood leisure table and chair features

- Oct 16, 2018-


Because modern people are over-stressed by work, life, and study, they all like to go outdoors and like nature. So leisurely provides a good place for these groups to rest and relax. Today, there are many types of leisure tables and chairs. The aluminum-polywood structure is one of them. It is a perfect combination of plastic wood and aluminum structure. What are the characteristics of the aluminum polywood leisure table and chair?

1. Select high-quality plastics, and process them after special treatment to prevent the shape and texture of wood;

2, The line style, in line with the principles of ergonomic mechanics, comfortable sitting, beautiful appearance;

3. The surface is sprayed with high-quality outdoor polymer paint to form a reliable protective layer, which makes it durable and durable, and is not easy to be broken, deformed, rotted, etc.

4, Not only the natural color of the varnish of the wood is simple and natural, the fine work is fine and beautiful, and the service life is long and suitable for maintenance, various climates are suitable, durable, healthy and hygienic.

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