Non-corrosive outdoor teak furniture

- Dec 07, 2018-


Wood is used as a traditional material for furniture, and it is also one of the most important materials for outdoor & indoor furniture. Pumping wood also plays a particularly important role in outdoor furniture. Teak tables and chairs, teak outdoor furniture are still the focus of outdoor furniture, still occupy a large proportion.

Solid wood outdoor furniture is deeply loved by the market, and the main production material of tea table and chair is teak. The biggest feature is that it is rich in grease and has a lubricious feeling when touched. It is said that this grease protects the brilliance of the furniture to make it bright and lasting. The surface of teak outdoor furniture is very delicate and oily. It is said that the smell of this oil makes the insects unable to get close, because the Southeast Asia area is very humid, and the insect ants are also used. Teak outdoor furniture can avoid a lot of trouble. The oil light will not fade with time, it will be more and more bright, and it can be wiped with water, which is convenient to take care of. If you feel the delicate teak outdoor furniture in the store, like oil, it will be poured out. The teak outdoor furniture has a layer of plant paint to protect its oil quality and enhance the brightness.

At present, the main outdoor furniture production area in Guangdong is mainly ordinary gold teak, or high-grade Burmese teak (also Thai sleeve). Burmese teak is the king of teak. It has stable performance, beautiful texture, uniform color and beautiful appearance. It is indoor and outdoor solid wood furniture. The first choice is also high-grade material, teak outdoor furniture can really be never deformed, never decay!

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