New concept of outdoor furniture

- Mar 22, 2019-


1, the design is people-oriented

Outdoor furniture has been given more inspiration by outdoor furniture designers because it is not obstructed by the four walls and has no specific style of detail. And all people-oriented is the core idea advocated by designers.

The design of modern outdoor furniture pays more attention to people's inner feelings and gives people a feeling of being close to nature. The design principle of outdoor furniture is to meet the human body curve and its own material as two benchmark points, so that the body and the soul can be perfectly combined.

2, the material is more widely used

The outdoor furniture design injects considerable energy into the selection and matching of materials, and is committed to using the dexterous techniques to obtain the perfect combination of the special textures of all furniture materials such as wood, rattan, textile, all-in-one, synthetic materials. Gives a very natural and comfortable visual and tactile sensation. The independent use of any material or the mix and match of any two materials will present different styles. For example, the knee furniture is mainly made up of rattan lounge chairs, and the style is combined with the different styles of different furniture in the West and the West to show different rattan styles.

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