Natural rattan furniture VS PE rattan furniture

- Dec 21, 2018-


Natural rattan furniture is one of the most famous furniture varieties in the world. Nowadays, due to the natural rattan materials and the environmental protection of its products, it is deeply loved by consumers. A new variety of internationally renowned outdoor furniture brands, PE rattan furniture, is presenting another form of rattan furniture, and it has come into view with people.

1, imitation PE rattan furniture is realistic and affordable

The natural rattan furniture refers to the furniture that uses vines as the main material. However, due to the dry temperature and other reasons, the natural rattan furniture is prone to cracking and deformation. Moreover, as a natural material, vine is very popular, but it also faces the problem of material shortage. For this reason, PE rattan furniture came into being. The furniture made of PE rattan material is not only visually realistic, but also has a changeable, hard and leather personality that natural vines cannot match.

Imitation vines are very different in material from real vines, but they are very similar to the texture, shape and even the characteristics of real knee furniture. From a certain derogatory point of view, the expansion of rattan furniture also reflects people's pursuit and pursuit of simplicity and nature. At the same time, these PE rattan furniture have the characteristics of other materials, such as rattan furniture, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and most of them are much cheaper than natural rattan furniture, and it also saves the trouble of maintenance of real rattan furniture. Imitation rattan furniture has been very popular since its inception. Nowadays, in the large outdoor furniture exhibition, PE rattan furniture has occupied a place. It not only adapts to the market demand of different climate regions, but also cites the designers' unremitting efforts in the search for outdoor furniture materials.

2, extraordinary craftsmanship makes the vines fluctuate

Natural wicker is a dense, heavy and hard natural material, and it is not afraid of extrusion, soft and elastic. Nowadays, the PE rattan furniture has overcome the natural defects of the true vines and the cross shape. After the material has been reduced in weight, it is also subjected to ultraviolet radiation sterilization and steam high-temperature treatment to make the PE rattan material into a unified specification, so that it becomes generally beautiful and clean, and has anti-mildew and anti-insect treatment.

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