Natural beauty of rattan tables and chairs

- Oct 19, 2018-


The rattan tables and chairs are based on natural materials such as natural vines, various grasshoppers and gum vines. The color of natural materials is single. Even if we can change its color by artificial means, we can only change the color in the color system matching the natural color and the original ecology of the vine grass products. It is decided that the style of natural vine grass furniture is fixed in classical, neoclassical and other types.

In addition to the main frame of the rattan table and chair, the main vines are made of fine rattan, which allows the furniture to have gaps, good ventilation and increased contact comfort. Due to its soft texture and high ductility, rattan is able to create more varied shapes or lines, and is therefore often used to make leisure chairs that focus on soft touch.

In order to allow young people to accept rattan furniture, special dyeing treatments will be needed to meet the needs of more age-conscious consumers. In addition, rattan furniture has also changed in shape. Combined with composite materials, such as bronzed metal or iron bars as handles or tables and chairs, or a cute cloth pad, the wicker chair looks more modern.

Naturally-inspired rattan wood can make full use of natural materials to create excellent effects, such as placing fruits or thousand flowers, dried fruits, etc. in rattan baskets or rattan vases. The main matching method of rattan furniture or rattan jewelry, in addition to the principle of natural, elegant and casual, is followed by color. When the main color of the space is dark, the optional rattan products may be brown or dark brown. Light-colored home space, you can choose light or other colors of rattan, with a more fancy, bright cushion or cloth accessories.

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