Metal furniture purchasing tips

- Dec 18, 2018-


The furniture industry is increasingly turning to a variety of materials to replace the shortage of wood. Metal furniture (also known as steel-wood furniture) is one of the development directions. There are many types of metal furniture on the market, such as tables, chairs, beds and hangers. Because of its solid structure, durability and easy handling, it is very popular among consumers. However, many consumers choose not to buy them, so according to the relevant standards, PERFECT FURNITURE reminds you to pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing:

1, pay attention to the appearance of the furniture. Metal furniture on the market is generally two types

a. Electroplating furniture, the requirements for it should be that the plating layer is not foaming, not skin, no yellowing, no scratches on the surface;

b. Painted furniture, to ensure that the paint film does not fall off, wrinkle-free skin, no obvious sag, no flaws, no bumps and scratches.

2, the pipe wall of the steel pipe is not allowed to have cracks, there is no obvious wrinkles at the open and welded bends, and there are no cutting edges, burrs and edges at the pipe mouth.

3, the welding parts between the pipe fittings are not allowed to have leakage welding, open welding, and virtual welding, and there are no defects such as air holes, welding and burrs.

4. The riveting of metal parts and steel pipes should be firm and there should be no looseness. The rivet tears should be smooth, flat, free of burrs and bruises.

5, when the furniture is opened for use, the four feet are stable and consistent, and the folding product should ensure flexible folding, but it cannot be folded by itself.


In addition, when handling metal furniture, avoid bumping and scratching the surface protective layer. Do not place the metal furniture in a damp corner. Place it in a dry, ventilated place to prevent rust.

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