Material introduction of the skeleton of the rattan furniture

- Dec 21, 2018-


Material description of the skeleton of the rattan furniture:

1. Aluminum alloy skeleton;

  2, steel skeleton;

3. Stainless steel skeleton;

  4, wooden skeleton.

The skeleton material is mainly based on the metal skeleton, so the metal skeleton is especially introduced:

1. Aluminum alloy skeleton: The aluminum alloy skeleton is welded by aluminum alloy tube with the export standard thickness of 1.2MM. It is strong and durable, lighter and never rust.

2, steel skeleton: steel skeleton is divided into two types, one is a hollow tube skeleton, and the other is a solid skeleton;

a, hollow tube skeleton: This kind of pipe is what we call steel pipe, the thickness is 0.8MM for export standard, and 1.0MM thick pipe can also be customized;

b, solid skeleton: This skeleton is a so-called steel skeleton, which is welded with solid steel bars and is strong and durable.

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