Material analysis of rattan furniture

- Nov 10, 2018-


Outdoor furniture rattan furniture is environmentally friendly and healthy. It is loved by many consumers. The family members who weaving rattan furniture mainly include bamboo vine, white vine, red vine and brown vine. The bamboo vine is called agate vine. It is also known as the "king of the vine". It is the most expensive vine, and it is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Others are Ge Chen, Wisteria, Spatholobus, etc., and are also used to produce rattan furniture mainly for weaving. The de-sheathing cane is called rattan in the rattan furniture industry, like bamboo, which is solid.

The rattan skin is generally milky white, creamy yellow or light red. The surface of the cane skin has speckles, commonly known as spotted, and has a natural decorative effect. In the cross section of the rattan material, the proportions from the outside to the inside are inconsistent, the ratio of the cane skin is large, and the proportion of the rattan is small. The material of the rattan material with a large change in specific gravity is poor, and the material of the rattan material with a small change in specific gravity is better.

The rattan furniture has a unique craft structure, and the rattan furniture is basically a manual operation. After the manufacturer buys the raw materials, it is necessary to manually bend the nail frame and then weaving it by the craftsman, and then manually perform singeing, grinding, dyeing and painting, etc., and finally have to be manually transported, almost every process must be manually Finished, the machine can only be used as an auxiliary tool. The production of individualized furniture products has a variety of shapes, and the production of a small number of mechanized production is not a wise choice, resulting in high production costs, poor efficiency, and ultimately a serious waste of resources. However, the rattan furniture implements the product individualized development, and does not cause a sharp increase in production cost in the manufacturing process because it is a manual operation itself, and the main production processes are all done manually. As long as the workers are in the process of nailing and weaving, according to drawings or samples, they can be made into a variety of styles and shapes.

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