Making process and attention of resin wicker planter boxes

- Jun 21, 2018-

The resin wicker planter boxes is usually put at outdoors, and will be exposed to the rain and sun. How to ensure its durability? I think it should be ensure with the selection and processing technology. We are the professional manufacturer of resin wicker planter boxes. We share the production process and attention to the resin wicker planter boxes according to our years of experience.

1. Resin wicker planter boxes was made with aluminum frame and woven with PE rattan.

2. After finish production, the resin wicker planter boxes is OK for planting. With a zinc bucket inside the resin wicker planter boxes, you can add the soil inside and plat directly. Or put the ready-made whole potted flower directly in. You can always move the resin wicker planter boxes to the location you want,it wont broken easily.

The production process of the resin wicker planter boxes is simple, but it still needs a lot of professional technology. For the sake of beauty and quality, you can consider cooperation with New Perfect Line factory. We expect to cooperate with you with high quality products and considerate service.

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