Maintenance of solid wood outdoor furniture

- Mar 14, 2019-


As one of the outdoor furniture, solid wood outdoor furniture contains leisure, simple natural and dignified and elegant temperament, but it is easily deformed due to the change of water content, so it is especially necessary to take care, especially in the hot summer.

Solid wood outdoor furniture is the protagonist of home decoration because of its versatility and practicality. Because of its price, it is impossible to change furniture frequently, so its maintenance is particularly important. In summer, the temperature is high, the humidity is high, the outdoor furniture is maintained and the summer decoration pollution is avoided. We remind users to pay attention to the different maintenance methods of different furniture such as summer wooden furniture, leather furniture, rattan furniture and fabric furniture. How to prevent moisture in solid wood outdoor furniture in the summer, such as not allowing the sun to be directly exposed for a long time, not too cold or too hot, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture. Even if the humidity of the flower box rises relatively in the summer, the wood will only slightly expand, and these natural changes will not affect the durability of the quality outdoor leisure furniture.

However, no matter how strong the durability, outdoor furniture has a long service life. In order to extend the service life as much as possible, it is recommended not to bring the furniture close to the heat source or the air conditioning tuyere to avoid the huge temperature difference causing the furniture to be damaged or prematurely aging; It can adjust the position of outdoor furniture, avoid direct sunlight, and cover it with curtains if necessary. Take good care of it and let your beloved outdoor furniture always accompany you.

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